Sueh Owino thrills with uji power and okra meal

• Fans commented on her choice of ingredients that are being touted as natural aphrodisiacs.

Sueh Owino
Image: Instagram

A day ago, Kenyan chef Sueh Owino displayed the ingredients she was intending to use to prepare a meal for 'my husband'.

"Dropping 🔜" she teased while looking very serious in official pictures on her social media. She had on her lap Okra, and on the side were peanuts, and cassava among others.

Kenyans who caught on very fast amused that she was about to serve 'my husband' with uji power, a porridge touted for its benefits to men.

Okra water and uji power have been trending over the last week, with authorities suggesting some form of regulation, without specifics.

Sueh, shared her step-by-step recipe for making uji power, and the elaborate process impressed many.

"When my husband arrived I made him this because of the harsh weather," she said. 

The husband made his appearance in this video, with his hand stretched out to receive the uji. One particular fan got excited about this writing, "His hands? The veins?😍" 

Sueh smiles as he appears to take a sip of the uji.

Read some of the comments below from fans who watched the video:

shirohphylis...Sue has finally joined the okra nation. Sliding all the way to the kitchen

beecy_entertainment....Uji power × okra = uchovu wa siku mzima😂😂😂

race_ash....If Sueh thinks okra is good for the body then I can't say otherwise 😂

mr_optimistic_ke ....Hapa naona ukipata uchovu wa wiki mzima🤔

bochez_254 ....Going to be a busy night

mrbradley__ ....Weeh Hapa Twins watakuja soon if you know you know

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