See as many girls as you want - Zari to her son

• Quincy Tlale is Zari Hassan's third born son

Zari Hassan with her 3 sons
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan was celebrating her third-born son's birthday.

While at it, she shared a video of a conversation she had with him where he told her that he was going to eat out with his friends.

Quincy Tlale insisted that it was just friends and not girls. Zari encouraged him to see as many girls as he wanted due to the era that the world is in.

"You know this generation is messed up, I wanna see you going out with girls, I don't mind you dating girls. I'm happy, go see girls, I'm happy for you guys," said Zari

She added "Cause the next thing I'm gonna be shocked that someone is dating a boy? Go see girls, as many as you want. I'm happy about it, I'm okay with it, go get you some girls."

Zari advised her son to make sure that the girls he sees are as pretty as she is  "Make sure..........They are gonna age like me, beautiful like me, smart like me, hardworking like me."

Quincy insisted that he did not have a date and was only going out to eat.

On his birthday, Zari shared a heartfelt message for him.

"Happy birthday 🎂 Q, can't believe we used to call you lilQ. Look at you, kido. God bless you for me inshallah 🙏 @quincy.tlale"


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