New Homeowner! Amber Ray explains decision to ditch Nairobi for Syokimau

• Amber and family moved to Syokimau from Westlands. 

Amber Ray

Socialite Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo moved to Syokimau recently in an exciting moment.

The couple shared a video of the milestone, but since then have not spoken about their decision.

Amber on Wednesday, said that she moved back to Syokimau after they bought a family home. 

"I love syokimau, coz it gives me peace, it's in Machakos so iko karibu na nyumbani. It's close to my mum and all. Another thing, I mean nimefika stage I feel like you know what it's high time I stopped paying rent," Amber Ray said.

She added that; "The Syokimau house is not my dream home I'm still searching. It's not an easy job, just do what you can but I always say God's time is the best. So don't pressure yourself. Time ikifika utaown,".

She is done with Nairobi; "I have lived my best life, it also depends on age, it gets to a point hutaki makelele.

At the same time, she clapped back at critics who criticized her move back to Syokimau from Westlands. Netizens alleged that her baby daddy was going broke and that's why they had to leave Westlands.  

"People will always say alot of stuff, but me I don't care. As long as we are happy living our best life, you know you can't please everyone," she said. 

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