Christina Shusho announces release date for highly anticipated 'Zakayo'

• A snippet of the song excited Kenyans after it was shared on Monday.

Christina Shusho
Image: Instagram

The full version of Christina Shusho's song 'Zakayo' is expected to be released on Wednesday, April 24. Shusho announced on her social media the date of release, accompanied by the poster.

The Tanzanian Gospel singer has been trending since Monday after a snippet of her song titled Zakayo excited Kenyans. The lyrics according to netizens proved to be very relatable.

In a snippet of the song, she sings, "Palikuwa na mtu mmoja jina lake Zakayo. Mkubwa kwa watoza ushuru na yeye ni tajiri alitafuta tu mwana yesu mtu wa namna gani. Asiweze kwa sababu.." goes part of the available lyrics.

The Shusha Nyavu singer on Tuesday chuckled as she shared the screenshot of a website article headline. The headline titled "Wimbo wa Christina Shusho 'Zakayo' wazua mjadala Kenya" grabbed her attention.

"Hata Sijui niandike nini..." she contemplated.

cchristina shusho new song coming April 24
cchristina shusho new song coming April 24

Below are reactions to the release date:

sultan.og.001....Sisi kama wakenya tunakupenda huo wimbo video itoe huku Kenya tutalipia

pitoh__...We need a"" Zakayo ""concert

gilbertbulongo...Andika tu zakayo ni mkenya

lena_citizen...Mwambie tu ashuke usimuogope😂😂😂mgombanishe kidogo tufurahii....haambiliki yuleee

sophy__84...Madam hata uimbe nini mimi niko na wewe, huo wimbo wenyewe sijausikia ila niko na wewe bamba to bamba

m.w.a.n.g.i._...Ama aweke till tulipie video

Zakayo is a nickname Kenyans have been using to refer to President William Ruto. The Head of State has acknowledged that he is aware how Kenyans call him.

In February 2024 while addressing Kenyans living in Japan, he said Kenya will only be built by its revenue and taxes, not aid and debt.

“What I will not do as president is say there will be free lunch, that the country is going to be developed by borrowing money from other people and that it is going to cost us nothing to develop our country,” said Ruto insisted.

“That is why I don’t mind people calling me names. You see when you are doing the right thing, your concise is clear. I will do the right thing for our country irrespective of what names people call me, including Zakayo.”

Zakayo', is a Swahili name for Zacchaeus, the biblical figure who is portrayed as a greedy tax collector who climbed a tree to see Jesus. (Hence Shusho's graphics for her song above)

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