Andrew Kibe's advice to Khalif Kairo after car seller trended


• The prominent social commentator is known for his provocative view-points especially when it touches on celebrity relationships.

Andrew Kibe
Image: Instagram

Content creator Andrew Kibe advises car enthusiast Khalif Kairo to prioritize privacy if he seeks peace. This comes a day after Kairo posted on his social media platform accompanying his woman on a date in Cape Town.

In his post, Kairo boasted of uplifting his woman and making less affluent men envy because he was empowering his woman.

However, on his TikTok live, Kibe called Kairo and explained the downside of publicly dating.

"Though we're not friends, when I see a mistake, I mean it's a mistake. Kairo is busy showing us his woman. When you have a woman, hide her. Hide your woman. Hide your woman at all times. Don't let us see her, don't let us know who she is," Kibe told Kairo.

According to the former radio presenter, when a man flaunts his woman on social media, it increases his value and attracts other men.

Kibe reminded Kairo that wealthy men could start messaging his partner and ruin their heavily publicised relationship.

"Looking at the inbox filled with people waiting to send money to your woman, someone is coming to ruin you," he added.

Below are some comments from Kenyans referring to:

gogo46__: Their relationship is no one’s business! Let them be

pascaltokodi: Everyone has a past, I have mine, you have yours, and we have ours; your past doesn't determine who you are, fam.... Be kind

Essie @NdungeKasamba: My goodness! She was having fun, and it doesn't matter lol. Let the lady enjoy love in peace

dANda@Paps_Spicce: You're pressuring the young man

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