How Fathermoh's dad reacted after learning he was a gengetone artiste

• The musician has had a string of hits in the past few years with songs like; ShamraShamra, Kaskie Vibaya and Wakithomo.

Gengetone artist Fathermoh
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Gengetone artist Fathermoh is opening up about how his dad found out he was a gengetone artist.

The musician who grew up barely listening to music decided to try out the field due to peer pressure and was actually scared of telling his dad about his new career especially due to the negative assumptions that surrounded the genre.

On when he got any support from his old man after he broke the news to him, Fathermoh had his interviewers in stitches as he revealed that he had kept his career a secret as he was afraid of what his dad would say/think upon realizing that his son was a gengetone artist.

"So, there used to be the assumption that gengetone was trash music with bad vibes and stuff. Back then, I was afraid of telling my dad that I was an artist so I used to do my things low-key.

He would go to work, come back in the evening and meet me in the house and things were going okay because he did not know what was happening. After 'Wakithomo' I started trending, music was being played everywhere and in mixes,'" the Black Market Record Label signee narrated candidly during an interview with Citizen Radio.

He went on to add that an uncle of his finally clocked him and sent a screen grab of him in one of his hit songs to his dad inquiring when his nephew got into the art.

'Kaskie Vibaya' hitmakers Fathermoh and Ssaru

"There is an uncle of mine who came across the music and he identified me. He was like, 'Si I know this person.' So he took a picture of me from the video and sent it to my dad asking him, 'Aaii kwani your son sings?' My dad was stunned because he had no clue about this. He was like, 'Aaii anaimba nini? Hawezi kuwa anaimba...'

But he kept quiet, didn't say anything. A month later, after 'Shamrashamra' my dad sat me down and was like, 'When are you planning to tell me that you are an artist?'" the artist said amidst laughter as he walked down memory lane.

Interestingly, his dad did not have a huge issue with his career and still doesn't. The only thing he did was try and push his son to try gospel music.

"He has no issue with my music, although he does not listen to that type of music. He doesn't mind, like he just hears that type of music when at work and stuff.

The only thing he has ever told me is, 'Have you thought of trying out gospel?' And I was like, 'Naweza penda but unless kama unataka tulale njaa,'" the Kaskie Vibaya hitmaker said in between bursts of laughter.

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