Pastor Kanyari passes up offer from Chokuu to follow him on IG

•Kanyari mortified after Chokuu explained about types of videos he shares

• Chokuu is gay.

Pastor Kanyari is having some rather interesting encounters on tiktok live as he engages with Christians.

His latest is a catch up with Kenyan model Chokuu. The two had an elaborate conversation which ended up with Kanyari taking back his offer to follow on social media.

"Are you a man or a woman" Kanyari sought to find out "ai hukai brother unakaa msichana kabsa, "

"what do you think Pastor" Chokuu replied. 

"Naona uko na mixture, it's like you are man/woman I'm not understanding. woi mungu wangu leo nimekutana na nani? Mimi nitatoka tiktok, woi mungu wangu mi nitahama tiktok, and I was told not to join, these things are too much. " he cried out.

Chokuu tries to explain that he is 'chapati pindua' something Kanari could not comprehend

"Ngai Chokuu hauogopi mungu? (Don't you fear God?)"

Chokuu asked him to try it out "sitaki kujaribu" Kanari firmly rejected."Nifungue roho niseme kama nataka? .Jesus Chokuu I want to pray for you. I have seen your picture, Jesus who are you? Ngai and you are very beautiful by the way, woi ngai, why dont you be saved? "

Chokuu told him he would like to be saved "Heaven is the goal" 

Kanyari was taken aback after the model told the preacher about his dating life.

"Pastor will you be bale to handle my life really?" as Kanyari declared "Forget it"

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