Senator Crystal Asige - I live on Sh50k monthly

• Her monthly expenses including rent are Sh50,000.

Crystal Asige
Image: Instagram

Nominated Senator Crystal Asige has learnt to be financially prudent ever since her college days. Asige's recounted her money journey to YouTuber Barak Bukusi on the channel Financially Incorrect about her attitude towards money.

"The lesson from losing my eyesight is what do you focus on, are the material things more important than learning character, or improving your personality?"

As a representative in Parliament, Asige draws an attractive salary and other benefits, but one would never tell.

"I lost an appetite for physical things. Right now I hate shopping. I save a lot more, I live way below my means," she shared.

Explaining further, Asige told Barack that, "I think my monthly sort of expenditure, including rent, is like 50k. And that's me living like, I have everything I need, I'm not struggling at home. I'm also single, I have no children, so I save a lot more, I can just take my paycheck, whatever I earn from a  gig and say ok 80 percent I'm putting into my savings and I won't even blink an eye."

She learnt hacks that have benefitted her in her career in politics to live a simple life.

"I live simply I think that is connected to my eyes because many people who have eyesight are tempted through this," touching her eyes.

She added that not having eyesight to feel envy cuts her stress levels.

"They feel envy through this, with this being gone that cuts half of my stresses. I save a lot more, I spend a lot less, I'm not really moved by what is hot or not."

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