Why Mwalimu Racheal has let her son live with his dad full time

• Mwalimu Rachel is a mother of one.

• She loves a man who will provide her.

Mwalimu Racheal
Mwalimu Racheal
Image: courtesy

 Media Personality Mwalimu Rachel has revealed she and her baby daddy are peacefully co-parenting.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, she revealed her son is almost a teen.

"Its not easy now that he is almost a teen.

His dad and I had a discussion and I took him to live with his dad and I take him on weekends.

I do not know why women find that difficult.

Her parenting advise?

"Do not think your kids are dumb. The way you talk to their dad molds them into ..... Pick your battles. 

Talk to them like they are grown ups."

Her advise to people co-parenting?

'You must have a coll head, we sometimes let our ego get in the way. I do not even know if my baby daddy is dating or not.

As long as my son is performing well, he is happy that is all that matters.

There must be constant communication."

She went on to say she identifies herself a s a mother and not a single mother

"If you are called for a meeting do not keep saying you are a single mother, it is not a badge of honour.

You might be a single mother but you might have someone in your life."

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