Terryanne Chebet ecstatic as her daughter turns 18

• Terry Anne says her heart is filled with pride

Terryanne chebet with her first born daughter Imani

Media personality Terry Anne Chebet's first born daughter has officially turned 18.

She described her daughter's name as an easy pick.

Imani who looks every inch like her mother was celebrated in the beautiful poem below.

"Your name, Imani,was an easy pick for us. And it has been a beautiful journey of faith through the years,It feels as though it were just yesterday we chose it at the hospital, I held you, oh your perfect face!

Dispelling all my fears, oh, how beautifully little you were!We’ve journeyed side by side, you and I,Through highs and lows, beneath the sky.

For some of the horrid mother moments, I must apologize, I was growing up too, and you bore the brunt of a mum not yet so ready. Accept my gratitude for your unwavering faith in us ❤️"

Terry further reminisced on the beautiful memories they had made together in the past 18 years.

"A roller coaster ride, our life has been,From Greece’s shores, to Gilgil’s chilly evenings and Grahamstown’s donkeys and potholes Memories we’ve woven, both big and small,.

Lost passports, camping in your school field, random lunches in quaint restaurants, or visiting high end homes to let it for sale that we could not afford, what a sport you are!!!

Terry Anne Chebet and her daughter Imani in a past photo

In conclusion she shared

"My darling, you’re a champ, through and through,Tough, smart, funny, with a sass that’s true.You’ve been my rock, my guiding light,In darkness, you’ve shone, so pure and bright.Through laughter and tears, you’ve held my hand,Together we’ve weathered life’s shifting sand.As you turn eighteen, my heart swells with pride,For the woman you’ve become, the incredible sister you are to Talaa ❤️With each passing day, you’ve grown and soared,With your brilliance, the world is better with you in itSo spread your wings, my love, and take flight,Know that I’ll be here, your beacon in the night.For you, my dear daughter, the world’s at your feet,Embrace each moment, your journey’s so sweet.Happy 18th my darling!With love, Mama ❤️"

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