Huddah over the moon ahead of dinner date with Rihanna's designer

• Huddah has a major dinner date and she is super excited. 

courtesy instagram
courtesy instagram

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has been making rare appearances on her social media.

She has been taking a step back and making very bold moves to show she is serious, such as deleting all her content.

The Rich Beauty entrepreneur has returned to announce that she will be having dinner with Rihanna's fashion stylist.

"I've been invited to Ozwald Boateng's dinner. I have so much to tell him y'all. I saved his clothes when I was 20 years old! I loved his NAME and Rihanna used to rock his **It. Riri influenced me alot but not to be a mommy yet" she cheekily said about the last part.

Huddah shared some designers she is looking forward to rocking

"Ozwald Boateng does mostly Men's fashion. But the few pcs he did for women is OUTTA this world. I can't find pics but you get the gist," she said. 

Ozwald is a British Fashion designer. His many clients include Will Smith, Jamie Fox, Russel Crow, Forest Whitaker, and Daniel Day Lewis among others.

He was previously the creative director at Givenchy.

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