What to call crossdresser Kinuthia if you ever meet him

• The comedian has recently hit one million followers on TikTok, a milestone he is happy about.

Kelvin Kinuthia
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Kinuthia's journey to content creation began with inspiration from Diana B and Azziad. Diana was on YouTube and Azziad on TikTok.

These two ladies have served as his constant reminder that hard work pays off. Kinuthia told Mungai Eve on her YouTube channel that 

"For me, it's something nice, it's something I thank God for. The journey is not easy. All you have to do is close your eyes and ears na unaedelea. That's the key," he shared tips about dealing with backlash, and bullying.

He has hit one million followers on TikTok, a milestone he is happy about.

"For now I can say the branding I like people knowing me like this."

He has made a final decision to continue cross-dressing.

"Right now everyone is used to me like this plus if I appear in another version of me kuna watu hawatani recognize. So for now I think I just like it this way and I want it to be this way."

A few weeks ago, he urged his male fans to stop calling him bro. 

"Actually that day in the morning nilikutana na soja so that's what made me say that."

He said that he identifies as baby girl.

"Actually siezi sema ni offended inakaa awkward. Imagine you are in a car katikati ya mall alafu mtu anashout 'niaje bro.' Ni awkward. Even people can wonder who is that called bro. Wanamtafuta wanamkosa. So I wouldn't say I find it bad, I just find it awkward." 

The content creator said what he prefers, "Ata waniite jina kama unafeel awkward, just call me Kinuthia. Kinuthia sasa!"

Even though he may be wearing makeup, Kelvin insisted, "But Kinuthia, you can be a girl called your father's name. So it's not something bad."

He identifies as, "Mimi sinaga any problem. You know people find it difficult knowing what to call me. Just call me Kinuthia. Ama instead of calling me bro, call me weeee, or by uttering ksksksssss, ukitaka tumia he, if you want to use she then do it. I won't get offended by that," he suggested to fans who meet him.

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