'What car should I buy my new host?' Director Trevor asks fans


• The request has stirred some mixed reactions from Kenyans online.

Director Trevor and Eve Nyaga
Image: Instagram

Director Trevor, the founder and owner of Kenya Online Media, has received mixed reactions on Instagram after requesting recommendations for the type of car his fans would like him to buy for his new employee, Eve Nyaga.

Trevor uploaded a series of pictures with the lady, whom he introduced a few weeks ago as the successor to what Eve Mungai was doing on their joint channel.

Asking for suggestions, Trevor hailed Eve Nyaga as the queen of KOM and asked for recommendations from fans for a car he should buy her.

Eve is expected to celebrate her birthday later this month in April.

"It's our KOM queen's birthday month, Suggest a Car Brand that We Should Get her as a Gift," Trevor requested.

Nyaga came into the limelight on March 18, 2024, when she was introduced as the replacement for Mungai Eve on one of the successful digital media platforms in Kenya, Kenya Online Media.

The Chief Executive Officer of the platform, Director Trevor, revealed that Nyaga was joining the platform as a host and brand image.

"We bring you a fresher face of Kenya Online Media, our proficient host and brand image Eve Nyaga! Get ready to delve into the heart of entertainment as Eve brings you exclusive news and unravels the stories behind the headlines.

Brace yourself for an exciting journey filled with knowledge, and endless entertainment as she brings her passion and skill to the forefront!" Trevor said in his statement.

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