Meet Dominic Gekonge, the smokie vendor hailed for delivering baby in the CBD

• He used what he witnessed in the maternity ward to attempt to deliver.


A day ago, a Kenyan man named Dominic heroically helped a woman in labor deliver her baby.

Dominic is a smokie vendor in Nairobi' Central Business District and took it up on himself to help the mom to be.

He told NTV Swahili edition why he jumped into action. He delivered the baby who was in breech position.

"Wale wamama nilio acha pale ulikuwa umelala wakaniambia kimbia uite daktari.

Kufika pale wakaniambia wako busy kurudi nikapta ni mimi wamengoja. Daktari ako wapi? Umepata daktari? " They enquired as he informed them of the bad news

" Then I told them he told me he was busy"

He saved the day. He was left with no option but to deliver the baby who appeared to be in breech position after sensing that something is likely to go wrong

"Ku nini hapo chini, mtoto ashatoa miguu. Sasa hakuna njia nyingine yenye tulikuwa nayo. "

He first ran back to a nearby medical facility to borrow surgical items 

"Ilibidi mimi nirudi kule hospitali nichukuwe nini?  wembe. Huyo daktari akaniambia chukuwa hizi clips kwa karatasi" he rushed back tot he scene where a crowd had gathered.

The women around were afraid 

"Mtoto ametoka amebaki shingo  Tuko wamama wawili na mimi. I told them hold her back there and lift her. I was remembering how my wife was told when she was in hospital."

He used what he witnessed in the maternity ward to attempt to deliver.

He tried several moves until the baby was eventually delivered.

"Mtoto kuanguka hapo chini, wamama wakatoroka ati 'Domi tufanye aje wuii wuui Nikachukuwa ile clip nikafinya kwa hiyo ambilical cord, nikachukuwa ingine nikafinya huko nyuma nikachukwa wembe nikakata. "

But the baby was not crying, so he jumped into action and used smokie wrapping paper to clean up as well as a shuka from one of the women.

The mom and child were then rushed to a facility.

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