WATCH: Kabi Wa Jesus cries during daughter's face reveal

•The Wajesus had initially planned on introducing their daughter to the online community a month or two after her delivery.

Kabi Wa Jesus breaks down during daughter's face unveiling

Youtubers Kabi and Milly Wa Jesus have elicited mixed reactions after breaking down while introducing their daughter online for the first time.

The girl who was born a year ago has never had her face shown to the public.

Princess as she is fondly known is officially called Tsuri Wa Jesus

Tsuri means the Lord Is My Rock.

The unveiling was done via a family photoshoot put up on a billboard.

They then shared photos from a photoshoot introducing their daughter to the online community.

Milly and Kabi Wa Jesus' daughter
Kabi Wa jesus
Milly and Kabi wa Jesus daughter

Kabi had expressed his excitement saying

"This is the day we have been waiting for.

Today is such a big deal because she is being introduced to the online community.

We wouldn't want her to grow up and feel left out. We had planned on unveiling her face a month after her birth."

Milly responded

"I want her to join the online community but am not ready."



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