Anerlisa Muigai confirms her engagement to mystery man, flaunts her ring

• She was married to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol.

• Anerlisa and Ben Pol divorced in 2022 months after their wedding.

Anerlisa Muigai flaunts her engagement ring

It can now be confirmed that businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai is officially off the market.

Word on the street had been Anerlisa was engaged although she had not made the identity of her man public.

Through a video shared by Bonfire Adventure Sarah Kabu, Anerlisa was seen flaunting her ring.

The caption by Sarah also gave us all the answers we needed

"#teamsarahkabu you know how this #girlfriends kamuchene hits when u haven't met in a long while and she has a new bae and u want to catch up from how you met to when he proposed and #honeymoon was☺️ hawa ni kama wali score ball #honeymoon but anerlisa kama hakajaingia sasa tunaenda next 📌Maldives Ritz Calton na private jet✈️... cannot wait to joyride lol"

Anerlisa was seen giggling in the video.

"I don't mind a vacation but I don't want a free one he can pay, and I want to go on a private jet' she joked.

The award-winning businesswoman was briefly married to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol.

In October 2022, Anerlisa hinted that her divorce from the Tanzanian singer had been finalized.

“Officially Free. It would not be fair to not give a shout-out to these two advocates who worked tirelessly to make sure that the divorce was done quickly and not wait for years."

"Hamza Jabir and Hosea Chamba. Thank you for your work and for doing everything as requested,” Anerlisa shared.

In July 2021 while in an interview with Simulizi Na Sauti, Pol said that their relationship was on and off despite being legally married through a church wedding.

“It’s true I filed for Divorce, lakini process bado inaendelea. Divorce inachukua time, so kwa hiyo kisheria bado tumefungwa pamoja lakini kihisia sidhani kama kuna mmoja anataka kuwa na mwenzake” said Ben Pol.

The singer mentioned that the divorce period was a very difficult stage in his life.

After the separation, Pol opted for online sessions to help him heal from the nasty breakup.

Asked whether he is willing or still has feelings for Ms. Muigai, Ben Pol replied;

“Kwa saa hivi mimi namuombea tu heri lakini kusema ati namzimia, hapana hakuna kitu kinaweza kutokea kati yangu mimi na yeye.

"Simfeel kabisa, unfortunately, sidhani kama ni kosa, huo ndo ukweli wangu” said Ben Pol.

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