Get to know talented Kenyan DJ Karoski who is a 'wizard' on the decks

• Karoski has become a household name, captivating audiences not only in Kenya but also across the African continent and beyond.

DJ Karoski

DJ Karoski stands at the forefront of Kenya's vibrant music scene, commanding attention with his electrifying mixes and unparalleled stage presence.

Hailing from Embu, DJ Karoski has carved out a niche for himself as a pioneer who understands how to correctly and seamlessly blend different genere of  music whenever he is on stage.

Karoski has become a household name, captivating audiences not only in Kenya but also across the African continent and beyond.

His signature style transcends boundaries, uniting diverse audiences through his love for music and his innate ability to keep the dance floor pulsating with energy.

We got up with him for this special chat and here is how thw Interview went down;

Who is DJ Karoski?

Karoski was born and raised in Embu. I come from a very humble background of we are four: my late dad, mum and sister who mean everything to me, and not forgetting my son. I studied in Kamuthatha boarding and Nguviu High school respectively, I am also a Kenyatta University alumni where I did theatre arts and film.

How would you describe your DJ style?

The word that can best describe my style is diverse. I have mastered the art of playing each and every genre of music, and move with what the crowd want. I have also mastered the skill of emceeing on my own and by doing this, I’m able to engage the crowd when doing my sets. I would say I am an all-round entertainer.

What inspired you to become a DJ?

Music is an inspiration on its own. So with that love for music, I decided to take it upon myself to impact the masses using my platform as a DJ. Also on the funny side, when I was in campus there was this one time lights went out in our hostels for a full day, so due to boredom I took my laptop, downloaded virtual DJ, started to practise and mixed in front of the comrades and guess what, a star was born. From boredom to Stardom.

DJ Karoski

Who would you say acted as your role model?

In terms of role models there’s a few I can mention. I will start with where it all started: I have DJ Mgatuzi (Johnny Tahidi High), a guy who gave me his own decks, and welcomed me to his home to practise while he was at work. My other role models include Crème de la Crème, DJ Styles, DJ Puffy and Grauchi. These are people who have impacted my career in one way or another across the years and I truly appreciate.

What are some of the key highlights of your career?

I was privileged to have been a finalist at the Smirnoff Battle of the Beats Season 1 final. I am also privileged to have played in some of the top clubs in Kenya such as: Ibiza, Gemini, Platinum 7d, Bar Next Door and Milan  just to name a few.

What challenges have you faced so far in your career?

There are many challenges in this industry. The biggest one being the feeling of wanting to give up. Its takes a lot of sacrifice in this line of work in order to make a name for yourself, and results may not be as fast as one would expect. There’s also other challenges like: lack of support from people because deejaying is still not an accepted career path in society, being broke and lack of DJ equipment. Equipment isn’t cheap and it discourages a lot of upcoming talents.

Do you think deejaying is a more appealing job now compared to when you were starting off?

Definitely. When I was starting off, my mother used to tell me this is not a career, but a part time gig. Today, my mum is my biggest supporter. Deejaying has created jobs for many youths, created new revenue streams and showcased the creativity and awesomeness of Kenyans.

Does deejaying pay?

Once you’ve been able to wither the storms and challenges, then deejaying will pay, and pay well.

You were a finalist in the first season of the Smirnoff battle of the beats DJ competition. Talk to us about that.

Smirnoff Battle of the Beats was is a first of its kind competition, and being able to get through the stages and eliminations, and get to the finals gave me the resilience and confidence to tackle the industry. Over 2000 DJS came for the auditions and only 20 would be chosen, so I needed to be on top of my game every minute and every second. The experience was a chance for me to evolve and grow my skills.

Through all that I was able to reach the finals as part of the top 3, and after that I took it upon myself to improve myself. Four years later, and a full circle later, I was unveiled as a judge on Smirnoff Battle of the Beats Season 3. I am now able to encourage other upcoming DJS through sharing my story, experiences and skills.

DJ Karoski

How did the experience (SBOB) shape your career as a DJ?

Firstly, I would like to say that Smirnoff Battle of the Beats has completely changed my life. I really want to thank the people behind the brand and the competition, you are doing a great job in developing talents and giving birth to stars.

Through the experience, I got insights from seasoned industry professionals, got to gauge my skill against other top talents, I became better at playing music and ultimately became a better person. Smirnoff Battle of the Beats moulded me from being amateur and turned me into a professional.

What would be your word of advice to upcoming DJ talents?

Never Give Up.

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