Siku hizi nimesota mpaka nanyolewa kwa kijiji-Mike Sonko claims

• Despite his claim, the politician has still been seen helping the less fortunate in recent months.

Mike Sonko
Image: Instagram

Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, has claimed on his social media page on X that he was so broke that he had resorted to getting his hair cut at the minimal price of Sh1700.

In the video he posted, Sonko was seen getting a haircut at a barber shop by a woman and stated that all services from the haircut to a massage and some others did not exceed one thousand seven hundred shillings.

"Siku hizi nimesota mpaka nanyolewa kwa kijiji. Haircut, manicure, pedicure, facial and massage ati 1700/=," Sonko wrote in the video.

However, our investigation found that this is not the first time Sonko has claimed to have sotad after being seen getting a haircut at an average barber shop.

In November 2022, Sonko was also seen at a barber shop where he claimed bankruptcy and mentioned the price of a haircut there to be 300 shillings.

Through his official page X at the time, he posted a video of himself at the barber shop getting a new hairstyle.

However, the place seemed to have a low standard, not where you would expect such a successful businessman to be.

He continued to quote the video, "Today I'm getting a haircut for 300/= only. I'll just disappear (today I'm getting a haircut at a cheap barber shop that charges only 300/= at the end of it all, I'll go and borrow money to pay)."

Despite repeatedly claiming not to have money, Sonko has been seen still aiding various financially challenged individuals.

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