Reason Oscar Sudi met Tanzanian mega-star Diamond Platnumz


• The legislator shared updates of their encounter on social media, accompanied by charming photos.

Diamond Platnumz & Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi
Image: Instagram

Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has met with Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack, popularly known as Diamond Platnumz to discuss potential collaboration and explore youth talent search initiatives.

The legislator shared updates of their encounter on social media, accompanied by charming photos.

Sudi after meeting the Tanzanian star mentioned in his post that the meeting occurred during his trip to Tanzania and alluded to conversations about a potential partnership focused on youth talent development initiatives

"Courtesy visit to EAC and Tanzania 🇹🇿 Musician Diamond Platinumz; discussed areas of collaborating to explore Youth Talent search initiatives." Sudi captioned.

Following Sudi's post, fans praised him and welcomed him to TZ as others speculated on an upcoming collaboration.

Naipamei Kaikai: I like the diversity of Hon. Oscar Sudi. We are looking forward to a great collaboration between Engineer Oscar Sudi and Diamond Platinumz. It will be as fierce as Into The Bad Land series

dien_diesa: 🔥🙌♠️♠️when Real recognizes real

Guylord: Hapa injinia Oscar Sudi nikama anadai kutoa ngoma na Diamond platinumz

eric_bandogo: Karibu sana Tz, Hon. Sudi Mjenzi

sassy_nimo: Heri hivo huku beba bestie salsya angekuaibisha huyo,, achome bet

Last year during an interview with a local publication, Diamond acknowledged Kenya's pivotal role in his music career terming the country his second home.

"Kenya is like a second home to me, especially since my youngest child was born here. I really feel at home. The country has played a significant role in supporting my music career through various events, so I have a deep love for Kenya," Diamond said.

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