'I am a single mother of five' Jose Chameleone's wife opens up

• In an Instagram post, Atim said she missed out on a lot in her early age and she was reliving it now.

• She is a mother of five.

who kept him waiting for intimacy for two years
Jose Chameleone and Wife Daniella Mayanja who kept him waiting for intimacy for two years
Image: Instagram

Jose Chameleone's wife Daniella Atim has described herself as a single mother who left Uganda five years ago for the US.

In an Instagram post, Atim said she missed out on a lot in her early age and she was reliving it now.

"Hi, my name is Daniella. I live in a Minesota suburb with my five children, my faith is anchored in Jesus, His Grace, love and mercy changed everything for me. I am social and love to be around people," she wrote

Adding that she experience domestic violence from someone she did not mention.

"I wasn't social for a very long time and I am enjoying it now. I am a foodie and I love coffee and hot tea. I moved to the US exactly five years ago and sought asylum from many things including domestic violence that I endured for 16 years."

She continued "I am a single mum raising my five kids on my own. Even though the age I'm turning this year seems too serious."

"I am choosing to relive my early life while healing my nervous system. I am a beautiful work in progress."

Recently, she highlighted some of the things she does to manage her boys who are also teenagers.

1.OPEN COMMUNICATION and transparency,we talk to each other about most stuff ,our fears ,our daily struggles and wins.Also when I loose my cool and start to yell they remind me to tone down because we are all working on improving communication as a family .

2.We have set CLEAR EXPECTATIONS and everyone has a responsibility to each other besides our personal responsibilities.

3.We lean on each other and talk ,we PRAY and encourage each other ,we say I LOVE YOU to each other all the time and mean it .

4.We live by “FAMILY COMES FIRST “…and that is;family comes before my job and outside obligations .we have family time and also individual time that allows us to hang with our friends and do whatever .

5.we prioritise our MENTAL HEALTH and openly talk about it ,I am vulnerable with my kids when I am mentallly struggling and this is because I want them to talk about things that bother them rather than find comfort in the world .There is no shame in feeling all types of emotions …

6.We do RECOGNISE some days will be great and some days will be tough for each of us .

7.We ENCOURAGE each other to make good personal friendships and go out and HAVE A BLAST .

8.My boys also enjoy a good amount of FREEDOM ,I let them do stuff on their own because I want them to know I trust them and I also want them to see the world through their own eyes and not just my eyes.They are allowed to make MISTAKES because those help us grow .

9. And finally as a parent ,I DON'T TAKE THINGS PERSONAL (am learning ).I also understand that GROWING UP IS HARD and being a teenager is even harder .

I have shared a few screen shots of Abba and I texting to reflect a few things I have mentioned above . 

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