We are done! Pastor T reacts to Kemunto's viral confessions by women living with HIV

• Pastor T has in the past admitted to having slept with woman who was HIV positive.

• At the time he had not gotten saved.

Pastor T Mwangi
Image: Instagram

Pastor T Mwangi has termed Kenyan's lifestyle as rotten.

His sentiments come days after Kemunto Diana shared alleged confessions from Kenyan women admitting to intentionally infecting people with HIV/AIDS.

Appearing on Obinna TV, he shared;

'The reality is that these things are happening. Some people live like ostriches hiding their heads in the sand.

The old generation will bury the young generation at a very high rate.

"Most people affected are below 35 and that is when life begins, if we cannot fix the moral fabric of Kenya, we are done." Warned Pastor T.

The decision to amplify these confessions stemmed from a personal experience—an encounter with a friend battling a virus.

“I have a friend who lives positively. Her story pushed me to give people this platform to confess the things they are going through. The confessions have been there for like six months. She told me to go tell other people what was happening,” she said.

Despite her altruistic intentions, Kemunto admits to the toll these confessions take on her mental well-being.

“I have not even posted the worst confessions yet. Sometimes it’s very heavy on my side. It’s weighing me down because sometimes I want to focus on other things but when I see someone’s story I feel motivated to help this person. Mentally I am not okay. I’m not even focusing on important things in my life.”

She added, “When I get these confessions on my timeline, I repost them for awareness. For the ones who use pseudo-accounts and inbox me with real accounts, I always take my time to advise them.”
















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