TikTok has turned artists into influencers- Otile Brown

• Otile recently joined Tittok after much convincing by Nameless.

• Most artists dance to their music on Titok and ask fans to do dance challenges.

Otile Brown
Image: Instagram

Award-winning singer Otile Brown now says TitTok is turning musicians into influencers.

According to the 'Baby Love' singer artists shouldn't be all over TikTok dancing.

'TitTok has turned artists into influencers.

As an artist, you should not be out that much dancing on social media. It might make your song grow but it takes something from you. As an artist, you should be rare.

"People won't see the need to come to your shows because you are already exposed," the artist explained. 

Otile credited his 'educative' music to his success.

"It's not about me being a King, it is about impacting the society. I have an army I do not have fans. I have songs kids can listen to with their parents.

"I have people who can go to war for me," he said. 

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