Three things to do if your partner goes silent on you

• If efforts to initiate communication fail, accept defeat and move on.

• That break might be what you needed.

Sam West

Have you ever been ghosted by a friend or a partner?

All communication cut with no proper explanation? It sucks but it doesn't mean you are responsible for the other person.

Motivational speaker Sam West has shared things to do if your friend or partner goes silent on you.

Acknowledge how you feel

You might feel rejected, or disappointed and it is OK to have these feelings.

Acknowledge the feelings of the other person

If you are the one who initiated the silent treatment, reach out to the other person and explain why you went silent.

Assess the situation

If you are the victim, you can text or call the person for closure.

If you are the one who initiated the silent treatment apologize for hurting the other person's feelings especially if the move was unnecessary.

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