Katrue gives details on how they spent Sh300K gifted to them by President Ruto

• Miracle Baby is currently using a coloscopy bag as he cannot for a long call the natural way.

• He has undergone more than four surgeries in the past years.

Miracle baby and girlfriend Carol Katrue
Miracle baby and girlfriend Carol Katrue
Image: courtesy

Carol Katrue, wife to Kenyan artist Miracle Baby explained how they used Sh300K given to them by President William Ruto.

The cash was handed to them by Jaguar who was accompanied by other people.

Responding to allegations by KRG The Don that the couple is entitled, Carol stated;

"We did not send any application for him to be sick. I cannot receive funds and misuse them. They did not specify how I should use the money."

Carol added;

"I am the one who texted the President for him to send people to bring the cash. I pleaded with him a lot and disturbed him with calls."

Katrue alleged to have the number of the President.

"They said 'Tumia na mambo ya hapa nyumbani' which is what I did.

"I used part of the cash to pay rent as I was not working.

Did they give me the cash half-heartedly or why do they want to know everything I did with cash."

Carol added that out of the Sh300,000, Sh10,000 was paid to a group of journalists who covered the 'event' where the cash was handed to the family.

KRG had taken to social media claiming Peter Blessing and Carol are taking advantage of Kenyans by raising funds now and then.

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