Jimmi Gathu shares impact of losing his dad at age 8 had on him as an adult

• Jimmi Gathu lost his dad at age 8.

• He is a father of three, all daughters.

Jimmi Gathu
Image: Instagram

Radio personality Jimmi Gathu has shared the impact OF losing his dad at a tender age had on him.

The Spice FM host shared his experience to encourage a listener who had lost a loved one.

Jimmi says for years he would cry at his dad's grave.

"My dad died when I was eight years old. For years I would go rent a chair at Langata Cemetry.

The chairs would be rented out for Ksh 50. I would sit there for like four hours and just cry my heart out."

Jimmi says during the four hours he would question what his dad would have done if faced with specific challenges.

"I would question what my father would do if he was the one facing the challenge. It is something people close to me couldn't help. I was a mess. I prayed and said I did not always want to feel sad on the day my dad died. Prayers do work."

He further added;

"Answers started coming, I was mourning my dad all these years because I had not accepted his death, I had not let him go. Because he was not hear to guide me. Everything changed, I started remembering some of the memories we shared. I decided since that moment, my life was up to me."

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