Lulu Hassan: Wearing a long dress gives me more respect

• She however went to great pains to stress that women who wore short dresses also didn't lack respect.

Lulu Hassan
Image: Courtesy

Journalist Lulu Hassan has addressed the issue of women's clothing choices and its relationship with lasting relationships in marriage.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, Lulu Hassan emphasized that clothing choice has no correlation with the longevity or breakdown of a marriage but also stressed that there is no school that teaches about marriage.

Lulu said that for a marriage to last, there must first be dedication from both parties, and not just imitating what others do.

But speaking about her own choice of always wearing long dresses, Lulu said that it's her preference because that's how she earns even more respect.

However, the journalist said that doesn't mean women who choose short clothes are not to be respected.

"For me, it's my preference and when I wear these, I gain even more respect. It's how you carry yourself. Big brands want to associate with you commercially. And I'm not saying that short clothes lack respect, no. It's everyone and their pleasures; my pleasure is in short clothes," Lulu Hassan said.

Lulu hinted that the secret to her long-lasting marriage with her husband Rashid Abdallah is understanding each other, but also being great friends before lovers.

In her words, Lulu said that for a marriage to last, there must first be friendship and respect, then love and other supplements come later.

Lulu revealed that she doesn't refer to Rashid as 'my husband' but rather sees him as her close friend and said since Rashid joined the Royal Media Services news organization, they have been together going to and from home all the time.

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