Fan offers Natalie Tewa more than Sh500K to go on a date with him ,she responds

•Natalie Tewa is adored by her online fans who always look forward to her updates

natalie tewa beautful dress
natalie tewa beautful dress

Travel Influencer Natalie Tewa has been hitting the gym hard striving to keep fit.

She held a Question and Answer session on her Instagram live saying it has been long since she interacted with netizens.

"Have a bit of time on my hands let's do a Q&A" she encouraged.

Many of her followers wanted to know her state of mind."How're you Natalie" asked one

She responded

"Awwh so nice for this to be the first question, I'm good Life is beautiful right now and I'm grateful for that" she shared.

One bold question got Natalie furiously responding.It was about her availability for a date to the Coast region.

"I'd love to fly you out here in Watamu for a week and wire you $4000" suggested the question.

Natalie reacted sharply

"I get many DMS from men who think this is the way to approach me. Extremely disrespectful and disgusting in my opinion but I also understand that because I create content on social media people think this is how I make money....from going on 'dates' with men, getting flown out, and wired money to sleep with them."

Further adding

"I have never in my life been interested in that and will never be so please, to all men out there thinking that PLEASE FORGET ABOUT IT"

The content creator has been enjoying sharing her travel to Rwanda

"What advice would you give a 26-year-old girl going through a heartbreak?"

Natalie was very encouraging.

"That was me at 26 hehehe. I've gone through so many heartbreaks and it only got better after that, trust and believe God is clearing the path for you to get to greener pastures. You will even look back and wonder why your thinking was so limited. I look back and I'm happy went through those heartbreaks coz you learn and you get better and attract better" She shared.


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