Zari speaks on welcoming Hamisa's son to family as she praises Zuchu

• Zari mentioned that she is always at peace when her kids are in Tanzania with Zuchu. 

Hamisa Mobetto and Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan's kids Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan have been hanging out with their brother Naseeb Jnr who is sired by Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz.

Zari has in the past revealed that she is in good terms with Tanasha and Diamond's current girlfriend Zuchu.

At a recent press conference, Zari was asked why fans have not been seeing Hamisa's son hanging out with his siblings from Zari's side.

She said she can only allow that to happen if Diamond gives a go-ahead.

"Diamond himself will explain if that child is his or not but for me, I don't know," she said


"If he tells me this is my child and I want him to know the rest, I will welcome him until then, there's no formal communication so I don't know about it."

Responding  to the paternity of her son last year, Hamisa said she would not have been talking about the topic any longer as she has done that many times in the past.

"Nisingependa kuongelelea mtoto wangu he is only six years old, saa hizi anakua, there are things he will read online that I don't want, so I don't think it is good for his mental health,"

She added;

"That does not need an explanation, naamini kinachoeleweka hakihitaji maelezo, and sidhani pia kama inakitu kingine cha kujielezea nadhani muda wa kujielezea usha pita."

Singer Zuchu

At the same time, Zari Hassan has praised Zuchu as a 'very good girl'.  She mentioned that she is always at peace when her kids are in Tanzania with her. 

"I speak to all Diamond Platnumz's women. I speak to Tanasha Donna, I speak to Zuchu. Even when my kids go to Tanzania, I call Zuchu."

Zari added;

"First of all, she is a very nice girl. She is a really nice girl. And when my kids go to Tanzania, they are very comfortable."

She added that when her kids visit their father, informing Diamond's woman is the right thing to do.

"Calling Zuchu is the right thing to do. if my kids are in Tanzania and I don't do that, does that make sense?"

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