Why I took a social media break- Jimmy Gait

• Jimmy was a cyber bullying victim for years.

• He is a business woman and a man of God.

Jimmy Gait
Jimmy Gait
Image: Instagram

For years celebrated gospel artist Jimmy Gait disappeared from social media.

This left many questioning where he was and what he was up to.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, Jimmy says the break was important.

" I wanted to get to terms with the reality of life.

A lot of people do not understand that the reality of life is in the spirit, if you do not come to terms with that, you live assuming everything is normal.

You YOLO ,and people who have that kind of mentality never think of the future.

When you are celebrity,you are always used to be praised and that can get into your head and make you forget you are not as important as the impact you leave behind."

Did fame get to him?

"Of course it did. When I started music, I did not understand what being a celebrity meant.

When I became one and saw how people were responding to my music, it got to my head.

It started drifting me from my purpose. When you have power, money and fame there is a thin line between being confident and being arrogant.

It's very easy to cross from being proud to being ignorant.

Fame is like cancer ,it can kill you. I learned how to respect people."

Is he bothered about what people say about him?

"I do not live for anybody, I live for me. Right now I wouldn't care about what anybody says about me.

Those people you are busy caring about what they think about do not even care about you. They only do  because you have something to offer."

Gait says most people are undergoing stress and committing suicide is because of the spirit of competition.

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