Vera Sidika brags after claims she rented a theater

• The mom of two has been in the US for the past month showcasing her wonderful life.

Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Vera Sidika is still in the US and while in Seattle, Washington has claimed to have rented a whole theater for herself. 

Sidika shared a photo posing at a movie theatre with a drink in her hands and food as well. The socialite took to social media to claim;

"Rented the whole theater for a Movie night like a Boss. No distractions …on DND 🎥🍿😌."

Sidika has been in the US since early February and has been flaunting her stay there. From sharing videos on a yacht, to the club and the spa, she has shared her queen lifestyle with her social media fans.

She has been hinting on many occasions that she is in the US with her new catch, whom she's kept off social media.

Just recently, she was forced to defend her parenting after fans accused her of leaving her young kids for long.

"I spend more time with my kids than a 9-5 working mom! I am not employed. meaning I have 24 hrs. to myself every day!!1 Who do u think I spend it with I'm always in the house. homebody. the bond between us is crazy!!!" She said

Adding "If I decided to travel once every 2 months for say 1-2 weeks. I'm still spending more hours/time with my kids than a 9-5 mom," she said. 

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