Thee Pluto addresses rumours on break up with Felicity Shiru

• The YouTuber also spoke on whether he would ever get a second wife.

Felicity Shiru and Thee Pluto
Image: Instagram

Content creator Robert Ndegwa aka Thee Pluto has addressed salacious rumours circulating online that he and his girlfriend, Felicity Shiru are no more.

The father of 3 spoke on these allegations during an interactive session on his Instagram Stories, where fans went all out trying to get feedback on his current relationship status.

But the former model was quick to dispel those split claims saying that all was well with the young couple, saying, “You like to force issues. Felicity and I are fine,” he said.

That wasn't all, Thee also spoke on whether he would ever get a second wife (as some of his fellow Kikuyu celebs have done).

In his answer, he incorporated both his Islamic faith and his own opinion.

“The most important thing is actually not the number of wives you marry, but fulfilling the Sunnah. But personally, I think it is better to be monogamous," he wrote back.

That answer prompted a follow-up query on whether Felicity and their baby would become Muslims to which he said, “Let them be attracted by the goodness of Islam."

In late 2023, Thee had to clarify that he was still a Muslim, considering some contradictory information about him going back to Christianity.

“Islam is a very beautiful way of life. It says how you should live with each other, how you should live with your wife, the dress code that is respectful to other people and to Allah, and the food that you should eat. So it is a way of life,” Pluto said.

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