Zari ridicules Mange Kimambi after interview with Shakib

• The socialite and Mange have no love lost for each other as the blogger has been a harsh critic of the mom of 5.

Mange Kimambi vs Zari Hassan
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan has come out guns blazing in reaction to the interview that social blogger Mange Kimambi had with her estranged husband Shakib Cham.

The mom of 5 didn't pull any punches in her sizzling post titled 'Petty Wednesday' on February 28, 2024, where she accused Mange of hypocrisy and having an unhealthy obsession with her.

According to Zari, Kimambi purportedly shelled out a significant sum, at least $1000 (Sh146,00), to secure an interview with her estranged husband, Shakib, on her platform.

Ohh simpendi bi tuks but u paid a whole $1000 to someone to give you tea about me. Tell me you’re my one fan, without telling me you're so obsessed with me. So invested in my life.

"With that obsession, u can kill someone. Here is the best part, even after editing, you came out with nothing. He couldn't give you what you wanted. Baby send me roses with some of that money. If nionyeshe nakupenda bila kuniambia unanipenda was a person,” Zari said.

The interview, set to be accessible through Mange's application, is anticipated to delve into Shakib's perspective on his relationship with Zari and the intricacies surrounding their marriage.

The revelation that Shakib has chosen to engage in an interview with Mange comes amid reports of his separation from Zari angered many of the socialite's fans.

This is despite Zari's earlier statement to Millard Ayo, affirming that the couple had mutually decided to take a break.

However, fans have expressed surprise and disappointment over his decision to share details with Zari's adversary, particularly during a time when the couple claimed to be seeking space from each other.

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