Reason Azeezah chose not to do medicine despite getting top marks

• She is currently a host on Citizen TV show, 10/10.

Media personality Aziza Hashim aka Azeezah

Media personality, brand influencer, and voice-over artist Azeezah Hashim has revealed that she is a straight-A student who chose to pursue a degree in media studies as opposed to medicine, which was her parents' first choice for her. 

Azeezah revealed that her decision to go into media studies was met with a lot of criticism and disdain from her parents who really wanted her to become a doctor. Ironically, Azeezah growing up was an introvert so her going into her career of choice was confusing.

"My whole life, I have been a straight-A student. I was quite an introvert, by the way. I wanted to do medicine, actually, but not for myself, for my dad.

But I just never showed up. I got a straight A from national schools, but deep down, I knew I wanted to pursue media," said the now TV host while speaking to Mwende Macharia.

She noted she was willing to go into medicine just to please her dad but try as she might, could not get over the fact that she was squeamish and could not stand wounds and blood.

“I was afraid of looking at wounds and all that because I can't even look at someone when they get hurt. We will cry together. I had been called to do medicine because I scored a straight A at a National school," added Azeezah.

After much deliberation, she decided to go with what her heart truly wanted. She chose not to go to medicine school and that is how the TV girl was slowly born.

She now notes she was glad she chose not to follow the conventional ideologies that careers such as law and medicine are all that life to offer and super flamboyant.

"At the back of my mind, I knew I would love being a media personality, I love listening to the radio but I could not say it because how do you tell people that you went to a National school and you want to be a media personality- a radio or even a TV host.

They would think that you are lost because we have not moved away from that mentality of, You can be successful as a DJ, or TV host.

“We are usually told to go to school and become a doctor, lawyer, pilot and all that,” Azzezah explained.

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