Why YouTuber Elodie Zone is trending at number 1

• She also says she moved out of her apartment because pets aren’t allowed there and left some of her belongings with different people she trusts.

Why YouTuber Elodie Zone is trending at number 1
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Elodie Zone, a Kenyan YouTuber, has been the talk of the town for the better part of Sunday.

Elodie became popular on X after she shared a TikTok video about her troubles.

In the video that is currently circulating on X, she claims to have lost her family, disagreed and split ways with her friends, had a breakup due to intimacy issues, and lost her work.

She also claims she moved out of her apartment since pets are not permitted, and she left some of her stuff with individuals she trusts.

“Most of my priced possessions like my books, TV, things that are very valuable and sentimental to me I left with a specific individual,” she says.

She goes on to say that as a token of her appreciation, she assisted with the maintenance of their homes, including fumigating one to get rid of bugs.

This, she claims, cost her Sh8,000.

She then goes on to describe a physical abuse she suffered, alleging that she was beaten by a man she lived with who was inebriated at the time.

He subsequently chased her out, and Elodie claims she has been residing in several Airbnbs since February.

Talking about relationships, Elodie reveals that she has been in four, with two being abusive.

“I have been in four relationships and two of them have been physically abusive and people will never know. Same way right now it’s been about 15 minutes and I’ve come from being beaten up and you can’t even tell,” she says in the undated clip.

She says at one point, the physical abuse got to a point where the caretaker evaluated her and took all her belongings, to save her.

The content creator adds that she feels isolated and ‘numb’.

“So, yeah. I’m just seated in this apartment not trusting anyone, not scared, not sad, not even angry. I just can’t think of the adjective,” an emotional Elodie says.

Kenyans on X (KOX) went on commenting on the video, with dissenting voices as some showed remorse towards her situation while others blamed her.

“We cannot misjudge Elodie. Sometimes being in a situation where no one listens to you is sad and traumatising,” one user Allan Obare wrote.

“Elodie is in that phase of life where you discover no one is coming to save you and you either save yourself or drown," Daughter of Muthoni wrote.

I don’t know how many times people need to hear this, but social media is not the place to post personal stuff. May things get better for Elodie,” another advised.

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