MP Salaysa issues lovely reaction to Pierra Makena having a crush on him

• The politician also addressed the claim that commentator Cassypool is actually a rival for Pierra's affections.

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya
Image: Courtesy

The cute confession by DJ Pierra Makena about her having a crush on Mumias East MP Peter Salasya has elicited an even lovelier reaction from him. This is his second response to her public admission.

The vocal legislator in an interview with several bloggers Tuesday, Feb 20, admitted he finds her confession rather cute.

The excited Salasya gushed, "Ei naweza sema maze kama watu wananicrushia huko inje naskia vizuri," he shouted his response.

"I feel good and please tell her namtafuta, anitafute, tutafutane," he urged netizens to inform Pierra.

Salasya also dismissed Cassypool as his love rival for Pierra after the curvy DJ had confessed her feelings to Oga Obinna on his TV show a week ago.

Dj Pierra Makena
Image: Instagram

She had two crushes and the difference in the physical attributes prompted Obinna to seek more information.

"One is light-skinned, the other one is dark; one is fat, the other is skinny. The two people are opposites," he remarked.

She thought about it and answered, “Do I have such? Maybe Cassypool and Peter Salasya. I’ve never met them, but I’m just kidding. They are fun to watch on social media,” Pierra said during the interview.

Salaysa then took to his social media to suggest that he was getting sweet to the idea.

"Aki nimeona hii video nikirudiarudia hadi nikaanza kuskia sukari sukari huyu dj Pierra Kenya anapiganga wapi show na anapigishangako songs gani please some tell me kumbe pia yeye nimfan weth nikizalisha a celebrity naeza djia power sana pia mimi ama vipi.........alafu anajua kuira kuota jina langu romantically," he said

Below are the reactions:

huri9231....Cassypool anacrushiwa na makena enyewe wanaume wameisha

dreamgalmercy😂😂 hii ni offside ya kukasirisha mashabiki 

samiikamau...Cassypool ni Brother wa jimmy wanjigi....

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