Karen Nyamu hints at getting more kids with Samidoh despite 'Single Again' post

• There has been speculation going about that all might not be well with the couple as they haven't been seen together for a couple of months.

Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has sparked controversy with a recent social media post hinting at plans to expand her family with Samidoh, the father of her two children.

In a Facebook post that raised eyebrows among her followers, Nyamu suggested the possibility of having more children with Samidoh, despite the ongoing scrutiny surrounding their relationship, particularly due to Samidoh’s marital status.

The post triggered a flurry of comments from concerned fans, with one user expressing disapproval over Nyamu’s decision to have children with a married man.

“Karenzo, you are beautiful, but with all that beauty and figure, why is it a problem to find your own husband? Where did you find the courage to have children with someone else’s husband… Two kids and you think you’re done?” the comment read.

In response, Nyamu defended her desire to expand her family, suggesting that two children were not sufficient for her.

“Having two kids doesn’t mean I’m done having children with him,” Nyamu said.

Meanwhile, Samidoh has silently returned to Kenya from a visit to his family in the United States, choosing to keep his arrival under wraps.

Nyamu’s refusal to share details of Samidoh’s return has fueled speculation among fans eagerly awaiting their reunion.

Despite mounting pressure, Nyamu has remained tight-lipped, opting instead to share an enigmatic Instagram reel and photos from a Sunday photoshoot.

Addressing her relationship status, Nyamu described herself as single but alluded to a significant presence in her life that prevents her from entertaining other suitors.

“I am single, but there is a man who is not mine but because of this man I don’t give chances to others,” Nyamu cryptically stated, dismissing any notions of delusion surrounding her situation.

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