I pay my ben 10's 80K rent- Woman tells Maina Kageni

A caller said she has been paying a whooping Ksh 80K rent for her ben 10

Maina Kageni and Mwalim King'ang'i

Following a radio discussion on Monday about the 24-year-old man who is in love with an 80-year-old woman, Maina Kageni extended the discussion to Tuesday to give listeners more time to express themselves.

The Classic 105 breakfast presenter asked;

"Ladies what is it? Why do you buy them cars?"

To which Mwalimu Kingangi said "Wanawake wanateka nyara vijana . Let our people go!"

A caller said she has been paying a whooping Ksh 80K rent for her ben 10.

"I am seeing a younger man, I pay his rent 80K, make sure his car is fueled basically I take care of him financially. I do not want to get married."

Mwalimu reacted "Kwisha huyo mpaka ako na gari and he is not allowed to see anyone else?"

Another caller said;

"These young men are good listeners and are good in bed. They don't question anything, they just do as asked. Money comes as it goes, so why not? I take care of his bills and wants. He is not allowed to see anyone else."

Check out reactions from X;

Kennethe Bundi: Am 25 na nimewekwa na mama wa 45yrs na this is the 6th year...niko na mtoto mmoja na yeye na uwa ndiye anaprovide kila kitu....wikend mpaka alinipeleke out...nampenda

June Wonderwoo: Taboo is no longer there. A lady shouldn't mess around with boys, and a man shouldn't mess around with women their mothers ages!! #MainaAndKingangi

Young Profesa Hamo: Good morning Maina, men of today have become so weak to the extent that they don't want to work,they don't want to be breadwinners and they are not ready to be responsible and they've forfeited all the responsibilities to women

Let me tell you Maina, these mumamaz give young men contract to service them for short term basis, in the process they corrupt their mind and then controlled them. After the termination of contract these men end up with nothing

Jenniffer Kanyiri: The love of expensive life by these young boys( men) can't allow them to leave these ladies ,,watatumiwa tu na mwishowe wafukuzwe,,then the lady alete mwingine, it's really sad

Tererian: Nowadays it's about the medium of trade I offer services and you be ready to corp with terms which the young generation find it easy...why does it sound bad when it's a young man and old woman and not when it's an old man with young lady..peeni youths job and they will be busy

Chairman Kalvo: All I need is soft life, it's doesn't matter how it will end. Kurambwa ni kitu iko, life imekua noma unapata mjengo once in two weeks bro wewe tuache tuekwe mko na bahati wazazi wenyu walikua na foundation

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