How Njugush saved his wife, Cele from getting heavily conned

• Through her socials Cele narrated how she almost fell for one of the tricks used by con men despite being born and raised in Nairobi

• She highlighted in that moment all her street smartness went off the windows

Timothy Kimani aka Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda

Digital content creator and brand influencer Celestine Ndinda, popularly known as Wakavinye is narrating how she recently almost fell into a scheme used by con men to steal money from unsuspecting victims.

Through her socials Wakavinye narrated how the whole encounter transpired noting were it not for her man she would have ended up losing a whole lot of man.

"Wacheni niwaambie, I was about to be conned. Na mimi ni mzaliwa wa NRB (and I am born and raised in Nairobi)," started off the mother of 2 highlighting she understands by now she should be impervious to all the tricks and tact that these devious thieves use.

Cele went on to narrate her encounter with the said con men and how great their web of lies, that she almost got caught in, were. The content creator noted that they preyed on her instincts as a mother which threw her into panic mode without clearly assessing the situation.

"Someone calls me and pretends to be my JSS student teacher ati wamekimbiza mtoto hosi she had an accident and she is loosing a lot of blood wanataka doh wamfanye operation

Weeeeuh sema mshtuko," added the mother of 2.

Digital content creator and brand influencer Celestine Ndinda, aka Wakavinye

The content creator who is married to award winning actor, director and fellow digital content creator Timothy Kimani popularly known as Njugush credited her husband for being around and helping her handle the situation better.

According to her, soon as she relayed the message to her man all panicky preparing how she'd quickly send the money and rush to the hospital to see her toddler Njugush asked her to call an official member of the school whom they had a rapport with to confirm the story. 

"I was about to send money as I rush to the hosi only for Kimani to ask me nipigie matron ama director wao niskie. Kucall teacher mtoto ako kwa class anasoma tu. Nkt! Na kidogo nilie.

My point is hawa wakora washindwe nkt. Hadi saa hii bado natetemeka aki. Number yake ndio hii 0780374199 kama ukona time mcall utoe stress na yeye. But nimeshaireport!" The last of her post read as her story came to an end.

Have you ever had an encounter with con men or you have just arrived?

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