Jackie Matubia weighs in on Blessing Lung'aho's new romance

• The actress has recently been in mourning following the death of fellow actor, Charles Ouda.

Jackie Matubia
Image: Instagram

The social media scene has been buzzing about Blessing Lung'aho's seemingly new relationship. Even big names have taken to social media to weigh in on the new 'lovebirds'.

What everyone has been wanting to know is his baby mama's opinion. Jackie Matubia has been inundated with appeals to respond and did so more than a week ago.

She was on Friday, Feb 9, asked by media personality Ankali Ray about his newfound relationship in a phone call.

"Happy New Year shem, unaendelea aje?" 

She responded, "Niko Salama I'm at home taking a day at a time."

He wanted to know if she supported the  new couple. "Shem pole nakusumbua bana wambea tumekuwa tuki fikiria sana hili swala vipi hivi umeona?"

She reacted, "Hmm nimeona nini." He tried to tell her that it's something that has taken over the internet

"Nani, Nani huyo, Nani babake ka babake ketu nani B mzee B umeona kule amemposti?"

The actress appears to not like that question saying, "Umenipigia juu ya hio?"

Ankali defended himself, "Ni kutaka tuu kujua labda shem take yake no gani na unamtakia nini labda do you wish him happy or what shemnikuambia nini? Shem hakupokea simu zetu bana wambea tukasema sawa tu lakini we have not given up tutazidi kumtafuta tu . So vipi we uko sawa kabisa shem?"

Jackie said she is not invested in their potential romance,

"Kila mtu na maisha yake? Me I don't even care what happens in his life."


"Imagine I don't," she quipped. "Yeah, sijui waongelelea nani that shows done I am?"

In 2023, Jackie shared videos of a new man and Ankali asked her about that budding relationship. Jackie said she was grieving and her priority right now needs to be respected.

"I have so much going on by the way let me handle some things right now please," the call ended.

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