Baha's ex, Georgina Njenga addresses girl who 'stole' her lover

• This comes just a few days after the content creator revealed that she still does not have a boyfriend and is not actively seeking one.

Georgina Njenga
Image: Instagram

Kenyan content producer and popular online influencer, Georgina Njeri Njenga, has sent a mocking warning to the girl who 'stole' her boyfriend.

On Friday, the former girlfriend of actor Tyler Mbaya, popularly known as 'Baha,' posted a video showing her singing along to the song "Sumu" by Alikiba and Marioo, specifically the part where the Bongo Flava stars sing about people meeting, as they are not mountains.

"We are not mountains, we will meet. We are people; we will see each other. We are not mountains; we will meet. As people, we will see each other," Georgina sang along with Alikiba and Marioo.

In the video's description, the mother of one hinted that the song's lyrics were directed at the girl who took her boyfriend.

"To the girl who took my man..." she wrote.

Georgina Njenga's post
Image: Instagram

However, she did not clarify which man she was referring to or the specific girl who took him.

This comes just a few days after the content creator revealed that she still does not have a boyfriend and is not actively seeking one.

She shared this information during an interview with journalist Nicholas Kioko when asked about the relationship status of her former partner, Tyler Mbaya.

The mother of one stated that she doesn't know if her co-parent, Tyler Mbaya, has moved on with his life. She also confirmed that she is currently single and not looking for a partner.

"I don't know if he has moved on, but I am on the market... I haven't found a boyfriend yet, but I am not actively searching... I'm on the market to find myself and grow," she said.

Georgina also explained that her recent post about dating a non-wealthy man was misunderstood by people. She clarified that she believes in hard work and growing together with a partner.

She does not subscribe to the notion that paying bills is a gender-specific responsibility.

"Actually, it was a question. I believe in working hard, and I wholeheartedly believe in growing with someone. I don't believe that paying bills is a gender duty. Whether as a girl, I should have someone who sends me a certain amount. If necessary, do it because you want to, not because you love me," she said.

She further expressed her desire for a life with her daughter's father.

"Yes, it's true, but life happened, things happened, so we move on. One thing about life is that it moves forward; life continues, so even if I miss him, those are memories, and at least Astara will say we existed."

Georgina also revealed that the future plans for her relationship with Tyler are unknown, but she emphasized that the chapter is not entirely closed.

"I think I would say I don't know, and that's life. You can't plan life. Today, I might say we won't get back together, and tomorrow we might get back together, or I could say here we can't get back together and then we get back together. Or I could say we might get back together and then we don't. But, of course, destiny holds its place, so maybe we might get back together. One day.

Just like I have no plan for my life. I will plan it, but God holds the master key, so maybe yes, maybe no, but it's something that I haven't entirely closed off from my story," Georgina said.

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