Did Diamond's mother Mama Dangote dump her "Ben 10" lover?

• Shamte also shut down rumours of depending on Diamond's mother for money

Mama Dangote and her husband Uncle Shamte
Mama Dangote and her husband Uncle Shamte

Diamond Platnumz's mother Mama Dangote is married to businessman Uncle Shamte who has shut down rumours of their separation.

Speaking to Wasafi Media, Shamte also shut down rumours of depending on Diamond's mother's money.

"I am always at work but you guys say you don't see me. People have said I'm being kept. A kept man does not work. I then start showing my work, and you start saying I've been dumped, what do you want?" he explained. 

He went on to say that Mama Diamond has not dumped him as they are husband and wife.

"Kuachwa ni kawaida lakini sio mwanamke kuacha mwanamme. Labda useme kanikataa, lakini ananikataa vipi mtu ambaye yuko ndani ya ndoa, ananikataa vipi mtu ambaye ni mke wangu?" he questioned. 

He went on to show proof of their chats and evidence that he had recently sent her money.

Meanwhile, Mama Diamond recently denied knowing Diamond's relationship with Zuchu.

"Do not plan for him, He has never introduced me to a wife/fiancée. If he has not made it official they are just playing with each other. She is just a woman. He has never introduced Zuchu to me as someone he wants to marry. We have not given dowry and a letter to Zuchu's family to make such intentions," she said in an interview

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