Photo that has forced Janet Mbugua address pregnancy rumours

• The mom of 2 also revealed whether she was single or not.

Janet Mbugua
Image: Instagram

Renown media personality,  author and human rights activist Janet Mbugua has officially dispelled claims that she is expectant.

The mother of 2 assured her fans that she was very much not pregnant noting her bulging tummy was merely just a result of how well she had been eating and the fact that she did not feel the need to alter her body during her photo shoot.

Janet also confirmed that she was still single thus there was no way she'd be pregnant.

Rumours of the former news anchor being pregnant began swirling about a week ago after she posted two stunning pictures of herself donning a black body hugging dress with a sheer detail at the torso topped off with a huge glamorous satin coverup.

Fans were quick to notice that her tummy area appeared to be bulging and thus speculations and congratulatory messages began sipping in.

Having had enough of it, the philanthropic author finally decided to address the stories once and for all. She hinted on the possibility of hitting the gym as she appeared to make fun of the whole situation. A fan identifies as Jedidah_Ashah commented 'Congratulations' under Janet's post.

Responding to this, the mother of 2 wrote, "No, I'm not pregnant," then humorously added, "I probably didn’t breathe in on the count of three but ni sawa.

The results of gym will show some day," accompanied with a smiley face and the clasped (prayer) hands emoji.

Responding to another comment by a fan who highlighted Janet was single so there's no way she'd be pregnant the activist concurred with the Instagram user.

"Why have I zoomed and I know really you are single so there cannot be a baby," Sallie klaus_01 wrote under Janet's post with several laughing emojis.

"Hapo kwa 'I know you are single,' aki mbona umeshout,"  wrote Janet Mbugua.

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