Mercy Kyallo recounts dramatic 24-hour encounter with DCI officers

• The reality TV star recalled how she has ever been arrested by the DCI but never spoke of the incident till now. 

Businesswoman Mercy Kyallo

Businesswoman Mercy Kyallo is recalling how she almost ended up on the wrong side of the law following a misunderstanding that involved her and a wanted "fugitive."

The reality TV star recalled how she has ever been arrested by the DCI but never spoke of the incident till now.

Mercy narrated how someone wanted by the law had sent her money which made detectives assume she was in collusion with the fugitive or knew where they were hiding.

According to Mercy, the money she received was for, "something super innocent," and she didn't know the person was wanted by the detectives.

"Nimewahi shikwa na flying squad. Maybe it is the reason I'm here, I survived. The crazy thing is someone sent me money and they were at large. They were being looked for and wanted," Mercy candidly narrated during a conversation she had with movie director and script writer Phil Director.

The CEO of Yallo Leather added that the encounter was one of the most memorable moments of her life as nothing that insane had ever happened to her before. She was held in interrogation for 24 hours.

Mercy narrated how intense the interrogation was noting it was crazy as she was confined in a car by the Flying Squad, as they demanded answers from her in regards to where the fugitive they were pursuing was.

"They sent me the money so innocently, it was for something super innocent. The flying squad got to know where the money was going and they came for me.

 For 24 hours I did not leave that car until I gave some answers. That's the craziest story of my life," Mercy recalled.

Finishing up she went on to add that the whole ordeal was so crazy as the detectives kept on playing mind games on her and wouldn't allow her to leave without giving them answers.

"I was in the investigation room. Nimeulizwa maswali, 'where are they?'. And you know these guys, they change their temperaments. Mara, he's doing good cop bad cop, same guy. 

Usiwahi taka kuingia kwa hizo investigations. I didn't know anything but nilitoka hapo kama nimepeana all the information. it's a strange story for me," 

Betty's younger sister maintains it got to a point where she had to stop showing weakness and stand up for herself, which helped her navigate the situation.

"For the first time, I had to stand up for myself in a very crazy way. I got to experience something that was off the movie," the Yallo CEO told Phil.

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