Guardian Angel's wife Esther Musila claps back at fan with no chills

• Guardian Angel shared a screenshot of his wife's clap back to a fan saying "hajui cha kuachia Mungu"

• Esther Musila claps back at fan with no chills after saying Guardian Angel will marry another wife who is younger 

Guardian Angel with his wife Esther Musila.
Image: courtesy

Esther Musila, wife to gospel singer Guardian Angel has clapped back at a fan who predicted that in coming years, Angel will marry another wife.

"One thing that I know bro utacome kumarry another lady in future, save hii sms yangu," read the fans' message

Musila responded'

"Why would he save it? Will it upgrade your poverty?"

Angel shared the screenshots on his Instagram account;

"Wife wangu hajui cha Kuachia Mungu😂😂😂," wrote the 'Nadeka' singer

Musila responded by affirming that she takes things in her hands.

"Hiyo nayo sijui mume wangu 😂😂😂😂😂😂."

Over the weekend, the couple was in Tanzania and did an interview with Clouds FM. Musila said she is thankful that Guardian Angel's ex-girlfriends left him, and through that, she was able to get a husband.

"I told him the other day that I am happy that his ex-girlfriends left him thinking he is struggling in life but they gave me a husband, a good husband for that matter. I am happy you left him. God has fulfilled my prayers and beyond my expectations,".

She added that her life started at 50.

"Everything I wished for, I have received in the last four years. Guardian has given me love."

"He knows I love him so much. He has given me fulfillment in my life. I feel like I am a child with him because of the love he has for me."

Guardian Angel also opened up about his life, revealing that meeting his wife was a 360 turnaround.

"When I got her, I had dreams from a very personal level but my mind opened up that there's more to life than being a superstar. My life took a 360 turn, I started thinking differently, about how I created my music, and my financial life. Everything changed for the better."

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