Fans react as Mulamwah and Sonnie wash their 'dirty linen' in public

β€’ Mulamwah started off with the 'Of course I'm a baby daddy' challenge, to which Sonnie responded with 'Of coursen I'm a toxic baby mama' challenge

Mulamwa and Carol Sonnie

Fans have been left divided after comedian Mulamwah and his baby mama Carol Sonnie decided to attack and diss each other on social media.

Mulamwah started with the 'Of course I'm a baby daddy' challenge, to which Sonnie responded with 'Of course I'm a toxic baby mama' challenge.

On the challenge, Mulamwah mentioned that as a baby daddy, he sees the child on social media, has been blocked by his baby mama, and that the child was told he died last year among other things.

Sonnie on the other hand responded to Mulamwah's challenge saying he would continue seeing the child online, admitting to having blocked him.

She also said that she told her daughter that her dad had died. 

Check out fans reactions to both challenges;

Jalang'o: Watafutiwe room… wamalizane tupumue! Sijui ni mimi ama hawa bado wanapendana? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jerry Muthoni: How is this supposed to be funny you publicly humiliated sonnie and denied your own child and now you want to gain sympathy for your own bad actions, you lack accountability

Jonniebigsan: Not taking side here, I think the baby mama was a little too demanding, entitled and controlling. No man can withstand such pressure. Just see how Mulamwa has improved his life since the separation ( building a mansion, supportive partner, Already officially introduce himself to his partners parents and planning a wedding). This is what happens when a man gets the right partner. Women mostly use kids to punish men. Indirectly, they punish their own kids which the kids grow up to to know the truth and in some instances hate their mother.

2Mbili: Me Nangoja ya Bestie ... Oskof Am The Reason They Broke Up .... oskof Am The Replacement ... oskof Am Expecting A Baby With Him ... Oskof Nyumba Walianza kuunda na yeye ni mimi nitaishi na yeye ... Oskof Ako Wapi sahi? 

Silva Mistarish: Hawa wakiendelea hivi watapata baby number 2 .. usiniulize najua aje, mimi ni mzee wa zamani najua mambo mengi

Shielahsside: Watu wa she should have let it slide....hakuna hiyo time ya assumptions,if they go low,you take them to hell,I love this level of pettiness πŸ˜‚

Lizmuthoninyaga: Its hard to look at someone with fairness when he denied his child on national platforms. I actually understand. I said what I said

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