Bonnie Khalwale's Farm hand buried days after being killed by a bull

• He died aged 46.

• Khalwale had been accused of being involved in Kizito's death.

Bonnie Khalwale

 Kizito Moi Amukune the caretaker at Senator Boni Khalwale's home has finally been laid to rest.

Amukune was laid to rest at his home in Malinya, Kakamega County on February 5, 2024, days after he was gored to death by Khalwale’s bull.

He was 46.

Speaking at Amukune’s funeral, the veteran politician revealed his worker was a bachelor adding he never had kids.

“Some people here laugh at Moi because he was not married. It is not unusual for someone not to have a wife and kids. In each family, there has to be a special family. In my own family, we have a 50-year-old who doesn’t have a wife and kids,” explained Khalwale.

The politician also shared how the deceased ended up as his employee

“He was a good man. One evening, he came to my place and asked for a job. He said he wanted to take care of my bulls. You all know that people who take care of bulls are special. The old men here have understood me.”

Khalwale vowed to continue supporting the deceased’s family.

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