Kennedy Rapudo sends warning shots to Andrew Kibe and Edgar Obare

Why would a man spend time talking about another man -Rapudo 

The one celebrity Kennedy Rapudo would never allow into his luxurious Range Rover is Andrew Kibe and Edgar Obare.

Rapudo while appearing on a segment of celeb ride with 2mbili, told off Kibe for how he makes his content.

"Those two guys, they are ...sijui nawachukia nini, I don't even know those guys. na si ati nimekulia msee dame, sijawahi "

Rapudo took issue with how they share their controversial opinions online

"Why would a man spend time talking about another man. You are a man and you want to spend your time talking about another man, bro it doesn't work like that."


"I don't hate him entirely, the content huwanga poa. But I say this, when you are working have some boundaries. how you address things, hakuna haja ya matusi, oh ati huyu ni malaya, ""Bro you can always pass a point across a point in a civil manner, bro we are all adults, "

On Kibe, Rapudo laid out his thoughts on the social commentator who is currently in Kenya

"We are all adults bro, and then you are like 50 years uko mpaka na watoi. I have seen he even has girls. Bro, you have girls, alafu when they grow they hear how you talk about women. Ah hapo huyo msee Is it a blogger or a journalist? You can do your work properly but you don't have to insult people. Ongea nao tu say I don't like this, tu inspire people. But let it be a positive inspiration. Sio lazima utukane mtu ndio point yako iende across. "

On Edgar, Rapudo also had issues with him

"Huyu naye mwingine hauji boundaries. Biu as far as I am concerned on bloggers here in Kenya, I think they have done their work with a lot of responsibility and they are very professional. I think in their team they have people who are educated and they understand ethics"

He pointed out that one of them spoke about his court case involving a dispute over co-parenting

"The story about my son, it's only the telegram guy who was posting it. This is a minor bro. And then this is a case which is in court. Why do you want to post it, You don't even need a brain to understand this is a court case, you don't need a brain to understand that you shouldn't touch things to do with a minor.

Me I'm here. You can talk as much as you want about me, sina shida, but why talk about a minor? Rapudo challenged the two content creators to use their platforms in a better way"

Bro I understand people have to hustle, but as you hustle, please do not make it a habit of kutukana watu for you to make it in life. I have made it in life, but I have never made it by abusing people. there is a way of doing stuff, sio lazima mtusi watu maze make it clean mambo ya matusi haimake sense "

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