Jackie Matubia shares heartwrenching memories from Charles Ouda's last ever day alive (photos)

• The mom of 2 was beside herself as she eulogised her fellow actor with several quotes expressing just how much she was in pain.

Jackie Matubia has shared videos capturing the final moments she and her friends spent with the late actor Charles Ouda just before his passing.

The news of the actor's demise was initially announced by legendary actor Ojiambo Ainea on Instagram, expressing the hope of performing together again in the afterlife.

Jackie took to her Instagram stories to share multiple videos featuring Charles, showcasing the time they spent bonding as friends.

In the footage, Charles appeared relaxed and joyous among the group of friends. Overwhelmed with grief, Jackie began mourning him with a poignant message and heartbroken emojis, saying, "Someone please wake me up."

Reflecting on the sudden loss, Matubia added, "Just yesterday you were so full of life, Charlie."

She shared a picture of the late actor with a group of Kenyans seemingly toasting to something, all raising their hands and holding items.

Expressing her disbelief and pain, Jackie stated, "I didn't think today I would be recapping yesterday like this. It's so painful; I just want to sleep and wake up and find you have sent me 20 reels and call me J!"

In the subsequent message, Jackie conveyed her emotional state, saying, "Honestly, I'm not okay," accompanied by a video of them seated near each other, making two-finger signs and sharing sheepish smiles.

The late actor was dressed in all black, sporting sunglasses and a hat worn backward.

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