Celebrities who've never unveiled their children's faces

• Some of these celebrities have more than one child.

• Most want to protect their kids from public scrutiny.

Boy with his mom
Image: OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Socialite Amber ray became the latest celebrity mum to unveil her daughters face, almost a year after giving birth.

Amber and her fiancé Rapudo last weekend held a party in their daughters honor, where they revealed her face and announced she is a hair care brand ambassador.

However many others have not done so. Some have given reasons as to why they chose to keep prying eyes away, as others avoid speaking publicly about their decision.

Here is our list: 

1. Kambua

The Gospel singer has two children and has never shown their faces.

Her first born joined school this year and she expressed her delight at the achievement. All we get to see is the back of her children, as the family spend beautiful moments together.

2. Risper Faith

The businesswoman has one child; a son with husband Brian.

She has chosen not to expose him with the explanation below

Social media is a very bad place for kids. I chose not to post him. You might think your child looks perfect to you but someone else will look for mistakes, ooh hakukai ooh hakai Brian."

For this reason she only shows his back online, and very sparingly at that.

3. Nyashinski and Zia

Singer Nyashinski and his wife Zia Nyamari have two children.

They have never shown a glimpse of the two, with their social media only awash with their lives as a musician and as a businesswoman.

Kenyans respect their right to privacy, and have never asked about their decision.

4. Muthoni wa Mukiri

Lifestyle and motivational coach Muthoni wa Mukiri welcomes a son with husband Isaac.

The two don't show him on their social media. They however do allow fans into their married life sometimes with motivational quotes about relationships and their wedding anniversaries.

5. Singe rJuliani and Lilian Nganga

Juliani and his wife Lilian Nganga share a son together.

The little tot named Utheri is often celebrated by his famous parents, however they always make sure to insert emojis to block Kenyans from seeing his face.


6. Avril

Singer  Judith Nyambura Mwangi aka Avril has a son with her rumored baby daddy J Blessing.

Neither has ever shown the face of the young boy. In 2020, she defended her decision on IG stories

“This is a question I get a lot and I am not really open to answering it many times because I do not get why people do not understand that,” 

“I want him to have his own life. When he gets to the right age, 18 years old, then he can make the decision on whether he wants to be in the limelight or not,” she explained.

“I am not throwing shade to anyone who has chosen the social media life for their children but it is important to realize you are raising a child and a human being for that matter. That human being should have choices to make and a right to privacy and that is the path I have chosen for my son,” she continued.

7. Politician Naisula Lesuuda

The Samburu West MP and former Journalist has welcomed two children, and never shared with her online family any details. She is married.

What the audience gets to see is work for her peace foundation in her region and how she is navigating politics, delivering her mandate to her voters.


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