Cebbie Koks addresses alleged 'beef' with sister Akothee.


•The internet personality disclosed that she is in no way jealous of her sister and that she admires her.

Cebbie Koks
Image: Instagram

Virtual Twenty One ltd CEO, Cebbie Koks Nyasego, in a recent interview opened up on her alleged 'beef' with her sister Akothee as well as the dangers of fame.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi the internet personality disclosed that she is in no way jealous of her sister and that she admires her.

"There is no day that I'd ever sit down and think I want what she has., she is someone who saw me through, who took me through, I am who I am because of her....

This is someone even if I wasn't a sister id still admire, now that I'm privileged to be the sister why would I be jealous, why would I hate her, why would I look down upon her she's achieved things I've not achieved." Cebbie relayed.

The entrepreneur also expressed how given a chance she wouldn't want to be famous. 

 "I'd live a whole different given a chance, my choice would be not to be famous," she expressed.  

Cebbie noted that fame can be both a good thing and a bad thing at the same time she dove into details of why. 

The middle-aged beauty discussed that fame can be a good thing in it can be a money-making place. she noted that only through this platform can one make as much money without capital.

Cebbie also added that fame can open the door, she explained that fame gets you to new opportunities that might not be possible otherwise. 

She also stated that fame can be used for impact, if it's positive then it's a good thing. 

The internet personality further expressed that though it has a good side there is also a bad side and she noted a few of such scenarios. 

Cebbie noted how fame makes you a target to everyone's critics. 

"People without fame are the happiest, not that they don't have problems but they get to live freely without expectations or being hawk-watched. 

The whole idea of being superhuman, we are all human we all feel pain, we all cry, we all go broke, we all feel bad for being talked bad about."

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